Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bye2 home..

huaaaaaaa... i'm going back to Shah Alam tonite.. i feel so not in da mood to go back.. well, i have no choice, my final exam starts on the 23rd of April which is on this friday!!!!!! n i haven't finished revising.. the first paper will be the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship.. well, it is a boring subject.. it took me about 2 weeks to finished 4 chapters..still have 4 chapters to go! actually, i was too pampering myself during the study week.. n i now i start to regret...huhu... well, i hope all of u can wish me luck for my final exam.. n to all my frens, good luck to all of u!!

Usaha, Doa, Tawakkal...Insyaallah..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sinG aLong!!

Yes, yes n yes..same goes with today.. i felt so damn bored, juz like yesterday..but, someone had saved me from the boredom..huhu..n dat 'someone' is tak lain tak bukan, YUN YI!! haha... Dis evening, Yun Yi suddenly suggested dat she wanted to create da lyrics for a dikir barat song.. so, with the Kelantanese spirit dat is very strong in our heart, we managed to create the lyrics, portraying our daily life routine..Let's sing together!!!


bangun pagi celik mato
tengok bata dok merato
kelih taghi dok atah palo
kelih taghi dok atah palo
doh male male sibuk buak kijo

gi kelah muko ngatuk
sapa sapa terbatuk batuk
lecturer smat supo datuk datuk
lecturer smat supo datuk datuk
tok se tido tapi gak tersengguk

habih kelah balik umoh

buat kijo sapa sudoh
kalu tok siap sapo susoh
kalu tok siap sapo susoh
paling tidak pung keno maroh

balik umoh petey hari
baghe bersepah sano sini

sapa bilo nok idup gini
sapa bilo nok idup gini
takdok la oghe nok wak bini

makey tido tidok teratur
male male supo kebulur
tengoh male melangkoh ke dapur
tengoh male melangkoh ke dapur
panah makene sapa hacur lebur

itu lah hidup sehari hari
dari tumbuh sapa tak dok gigi
mitok mitok bahagio diberi
mitok mitok bahagio diberi
rezki ado dan jugo suami


I woke up and opened my eyes
My pillow was out of its place
The sun was already above my head
Coz I had to stay up the nite before

I rushed to class with a sleepy face
I ran out of breathe as I reach
The lecturer is handsome and smart like a dato'
But I can't stop myself from "fishing" in the class

I went home after class ended
I had to finish up my work
Who will be in trouble if the work is not done?
Critics and critics is what I'll get

It was already late evening when I went home
All my things were scattering around
Till when do I have to live like this?
No guys would ever want me to be his wife

I couldn't have proper meals and sleep
I am always hungry at night
I walked to the kitchen in the middle of the night
To heat up the same tasteless food

That is my current daily routine
From the day I was born till I'm old
I really wished for happiness in the future
May I have good fortunes and a good husband

Prepared by:
Yun Yi & Fatin

Translated by:
Yun Yi

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, public performance & broadcasting of this masterpiece, prohibited.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Loneliness + laziness = ??

hmm...everybody is very bz right now.. me as well.. but still i want to write something here...huhuhu... well, i should prepare for my final exam.. please, i need somebody to motivate me!! huaaaaaaa.... actually, i'm feeling very lonely today.. dat's why i keep on updating my blog..thank God i have my best of the best friend, Yun Yi to accompany me through YM.. thanks dear.. well, it helps me a bit to ease my loneliness...T_T....
I rili miss my one n only mohd fauzan who is now on his way to KL.. hmm..looking forward to see him before i go back to Shah Alam next week.. actually, he's da one who is always be by my side during my ups n downs.. n i wish i could do the same for him.. well, although my 'motivator' has gone to KL, i can't let it be the reason why i feel so lazy to study, right?? huhu.. it's all about disciplining myself! yeah!! i think i'm going to start studying it ok?? well, insyaallah...

to Yun Yi, Good Luck with ur assignments!! n don't let other people to let u down! if there's anything dat makes u upset, u'll have my shoulders to cry on ok!
n to my encik poje, please come back soon.............

Monday, April 14, 2008

FiNaL eXaM aGain!!

haih.. it's time for me to prepare for my fiNal eXam again.. Alhamdulillah, my Part 5 days (i mean, before the final exam) went smoothly..i can't deny dat part 5 is... hmm..wat can say, is a very10x tiring and challenging sem!! so, to my juniors at Lendu, be prepared!! i won't forget da moment dat i'd to stick to my laptop 24 seven!! n da moment when I'd to turn on da 'busy' mode on my YM everytime i signed in.. to think in a positive way, my part 5 was a very interesting experience actually..

i have gained a lot of knowledge n new experience through it.. it has taught me lessons of how to manage my time well, how to be a good leader, how to work well with other people, and the most important is, it warned me dat it is a must for me to be PATIENT n HARDWORKING!!!! Hmm.. PATIENT n HARDWORKING.. these two words really have to work together u know..huhu.. When da lecturers gave us the assignments, i never thought dat i have to do dat kind of job.. what i can conclude here is, part 5 is all about giving commitment.. u have to commit in da sense of work, studies n life! n da most important thing is to always remember dat Allah knows what u're doing n do always ask for His help..Insyaallah, Allah will help us if we're in the right way..

I've gone through many though things during my Part 5.. I lost my new phone.. n i'd to format my laptop because of the attack of the viruses!! isk3.. all of them cost me quite a lot of money...huaaaa.... but it's ok.. it taught me how to be patient actually.. huhu.. think positive, remember?? hehe.. however, there were also a lot of wonderful things happened n have changed my life.. i've met someone special n dat 'someone' has helped me to go through my hard times n never tired to melayan my kerenah...huhuhu...thank u dear..

I'm in my study week right now.. but i haven't started anything.. i don't even opened my book yet.. poor me... huhu.. i juz hate exams!!!!! huaaaa... but, wat can i do..i've no choice.. i have to study hard by hook or by crook right?? sigh~~ so, to all my friends, GOOD LUCK in ur finals n let us pray dat Allah will bless us all n give us the spirit to be successful in our heart... amin...

Usaha, Doa, Tawakal..Insyaallah...

SaLam n heLLo..

hmm... welcome to Famiera's Anecdote.. i'm very new here.. before dis i juz wrote my blog in friendster.. till i found dat blogging is not very active, i decided to try something new here.. heheh.. hope dis will give me something dat i couldn't get from anywhere else.. ok.. to all bloggers, nice to meet ya!!!