Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time's Up! iT's a Wake uP CaLL!!


Part 4 PR students of Faculty of Communication & Media Studies (my fac) had organized an event and it's called... "Time's Up! It's a Wake Up Call".. the event was all about menyedarkan org ramai betapa pentingnya bertindak to prevent crimes n how to cope with it.. there was a demonstration from the K-9 unit.. (PDRM Dog's Unit).. the police had brought two dogs to demonstrate how they help the police to detect drugs and catch a 'peragut'.. Masyaallah!! i was so amazed to see how they do their job.. All of Allah's creations have their own roles.. even dogs can protect and save human beings..!! n they're adorable too!! hehe.. there was also a talk from Mr. Kamal Affendi.. the famous criminalogist.. he was very funny! we were laughing for the whole 2 hours of his speech.. n yes.. he's such a persuasive person.. huhu..i can say that this event was a success.. all part 4 PR students had taken their roles in making this event a reality... congratulations!! i'm proud of u guys!

The launching of the event

Buku program

program tentitive

(me, Kak Aza n Kak Ikin) Before the launching

with Kak Aza yg cantik

missed out Ami.. sape suruh ko x dtg haa?? huhu

Mr. Kamal Affendi

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


haha.. tergelak sorang2 tgk gmbar2 yg Yun Yi (mek tan) bg...

"kucing rambut berkarat" Yun Yi said..haha

"Little tigers jamey jakpa tonggek" kate Yun busuk...

hmm... only both of us understand what story lies behind the picture of the little tigers.. well... these 2 pics really cheer me up tonite... thanks Yun Yi!! hahaha..

p/s: tan, mano lg gmbar nyo???

Saturday, March 7, 2009

To- Do List!


hmm... one month left for this sem.. but still i haven't finished up my assignments...
i think i need to list down all of them..

1. CTU = Sahifah Madinah
2. Writing for PR = Letter to editor / annual report
3. PR in Gov. & Politics = Survey (ministry & embassy)
4. Management = Managerial process
5. Arabic = short drama / in class performance / work book /essays for oral test

'tu je' kot..bunyik cam sket je.. huhu.. ade lg x? sape2 yg tau bleh tlg tmbahkan x? hehehe... Tq!

and not to forget, my mid term exams!!

1.Research = 16 March (chapter 1-4)
2.CTU = 20 March (Chapter 1-5)
3. Arabic (oral & listening test)

hmm... insyaallah i can go through all of them dgn jayanye!! ... amin..
Usaha, Doa, Tawakkal...remember?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

P1 W1Max


"Yeah Kak Ikin! kite dh dpt internet!!"
Alhamdulillah.. at last.. we have found the cheapest and the most practical internet service provider for us tu use at home.. we have registered for the P1 W1Max broadband.. We took the RM49 per month package.. i think it's a good choice since only both of us who're going to use the internet in our house.. n what is good about this thing is, all customers are given 15 days trial.. n if u don't satisfied with it, u can return it back to the company.. the speed is ok.. quite laju..but sometimes slow.. broadband la katekan.. n the modem is also cute! We have been using this thing for almost 2 weeks..well, it helps us a lot in doing our assignments.. n the most important thing is, I don't have to go to the CC to update my Blog!! yeeehaaa....

the packaging

the modem...hehe

For more information about P1W1Max, please visit

Happy Birthday Encik Poje!!

“Happy Birthday to u.. Happy Birthday to u… Happy Birthday to Encik Poje, Happy Birthday to u…!!” huhu..

On the 6th of February 2009, my Encik Poje had celebrated his 24th birthday.. but we went to celebrate his birthday together on the 9th. since both of us were very bz with our assignments n tests!

Encik Poje: “Mane hadiah?”

Me: “tunggu PTPTN masuk…hehehe”

Kesian…. Huhu..

Well, Encik Poje ku sayang, wishing u a very happy birthday, smoga panjang umur, di murahkan rezeki, diberi kejayaan n may Allah bless u always..i 'heart' you... =)

Eating Secret Recipe cake at Marry Brown...huh??

My Encik Poje