Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 More to Go!!

3 more to go!!

Visual Communication - 2nd May 2009

Writing For Public Relations - 4th May 2009

Persuasive & Strategic Communication - 8th May 2009


Usaha, Doa, Tawakkal...Insyaallah..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My heart : "Mane mek Tan a.k.a. Yun Yi ni pegi...boring la dia x de...isk3..
Dah2!! study2!! huhu..."

e- Business~

Business : Selling MP3s thru YM
Supplier @ Buyer : Yun Yi
Description: Non- profitable business
Sales revenue : Uncountable

yunyi3188: mai da mai daaaaa

mira nawi: hahah
mira nawi: meh
mira nawi: wa bukak itu kidai dulu
mira nawi: taukeh mangun lambat
mira nawi: wa kena mukak dulu
yunyi3188: ngaaa
mira nawi: aloh la
yunyi3188: tokeh
yunyi3188: apa mcm ni
mira nawi: x tau maa
mira nawi: adui
mira nawi: ini pak cik din beramboi bikin bisnes wa hancur saja
yunyi3188: ahhahaha
yunyi3188: lu tak mayar cukai a
mira nawi: eh
mira nawi: wa sudah mayar maa
mira nawi: wa guna itu teknologi
mira nawi: my.e-G

haha... when i'm feeling down and blue, the best thing to do is doing e-Business with Yun Yi!! but Yun Yi is da one who is always good in 'selling' her MP3s collections..my internet connection is not as good as hers kot..anyway, it's not about getting profits..the happiness that i got that counts! hehee~~ Thanks dear for cheering me up..!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Favourite Pencil Case..

Hahah.. this a story about my favourite pencil case..
This pencil case was given by my best friend, Yun Yi during my 18th birthday..
it's almost 4 years now and i'm still using that pencil case.. i love it so much!!
the cat's head that i stick on the pencil case was also given by her! miaaaooww...

p/s: Yun Yi aka mek tan, sori deh..zip cabut doh.. hehehe

Saturday, April 11, 2009

After hardship will always come ease..


hmm.. i've been so busy lately and got no time to update my blog.. Many things happened and Alhamdulillah everything went well... 'Assignments Overload' and 'Stress Mode'... that would be my YM status for the last 2 weeks.. huhu...
I would like to start with "A Nite of Serenity".. actually, it was a charity dinner organized by part 3 Public Relations students.. and i was one of them...i worked under the sponsorship bereau.. although there are some rumours telling that the dinner was not good, but I could just sayAlhamdulillah... I was quite disappointed when i heard that there are some people 'kutuk- kutuk' about the dinner.. never mind la.. Alhamdulillah again, we managed to collect RM 5000 for Gaza.. we are all human beings.. we are not perfect.. at least we managed to do something for the Palestenians.. i think everyone had given their best efforts for this dinner.. all of us were very exhausted the days before the dinner and during the dinner itself.. the best word to say was "SABAR.." and after the dinner ended, the first word we should say was 'ALHAMDULILLAH'..
although all my friends and i were very busy that night, we still could enjoy ourselves.. i was so tired because i had to run naik turun tangga to ask Afiq (the head of technical bereau) about the multimedia thing.. from sponsorship to technical bereau.. huhuhu...few of my friends and I had to handle the multimedia presentation that night.. well.. i took it as an experience that i will never forget..
I was very happy that night because my friend, Yun Yi came that nite! before this, Yun Yi told me about her friend, Alep.. Alep is the vocalist + guitarist for a band called 'The Lova- Lova'.. so, i ask Yun Yi to ask them to perform that night.. Yun Yi had become their 'one-night- manager'... haha... we haven't met each other for almost 1 year! i missed her so much... uuwww.... Yun Yi, thanks for helping me out.. all people seemed to enjoy The Lova-Lova's Bintang n Bulan... Thanks to The Lova- Lova!! hehehe...
and... thanks to everyone for making the event a reality...

Me, with our Press Wall at the back

with Ami Royani... sponsorship to technical bereau..huhu

with Azara Nur.. the FnB Head Bereau..

Me, with 'The Lova- Lova'!!

Ami Royani, Din (Project Manager) and Me

Me, with 'My Precious'...Yun Yi...muahh* muuahh*

P/s: To all Muslims, let's pray for our brothers and sisters in Gaza..May Allah bless us all... amin..

Next is about my assignments.. There were so many submissions during the final week of this sem.. 'Assignment Overload'.. huhu.. i had to go through that tough week with 3 nites without sleep.. isk3... but Alhamdulillah.. everything went on smoothly.. Allah has promised us, "After hardship will always come ease.." Insyaallah....