Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good frens!


Ami, Alin, Azara & Me

The picture of me with Ami Royani, Alin & Azara Nur.. These three people are my good frens during my bachelor's degree in UiTM shah alam until now...haih... How I miss them so much... This pic was taken when we were in Indonesia for our class trip! and this pic was also taken when all of us were single.. ermm??

Yes! Azara Nur has got married to her dream guy on the 1st January 2011. (1/1/11).. nice date isn't it? So, she is not single anymore! =)

p/s: To Azara Nur,

May Allah bless your marriage & both of you can live happily ever after!!

Congratssssss Azara Nur & Ikmal!!


Us, again! =)


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